Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Karma

Despite some of my negative experiences on Etsy, I try hard not to let it poison me.  I still try to take some risks here and there and hope for the best.  The experience of being in a BNR treasury didn't lead to any sales for me, but it lead me to create one of my own where I featured the shops of people who had been kind to me and helped me on Etsy.  It already led to a sale for someone who had helped me.  Several design jobs I've done were for no money, but the buyer was willing to send items from their shop.  Since we're rounding up items for the auction at Heritage's Gala in October, these items will come in handy.
Karma 101: What Goes Around Comes Around...and What You Can Do About It 
The competitiveness in Alchemy can really get to you as you realize that there are people who take advantage of the system and go after the low bidders.  There are also bidders for the design work who quickly whip up what the buyer wants and send it to them, leaving the rest of us out of the running.  I managed to find a way to handle this.  On some listings, I don't even bid when I see that there have been a bunch of bids already.  Today, I took a chance and did the photo editing job right away and sent a proof to the person who had listed on Alchemy.  The buyer contacted me and told me someone already sent her one (dang!).  The good news came when the buyer liked my work and gave me another job to do (yee-haw!).  So I plan on continuing to send positive vibes out into the universe and expect positive to come back to me.  If nothing else, I'll feel better about it.

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