Friday, June 25, 2010

No Etsy Tonight

Personal business kept me away from Etsy tonight.  I'm trying to simplify my life and my expenses.  People think it's weird that I carry two cell phones.  Our family originally had one cell phone to share.  Later, my boss decided that it would be good for me to have a cell phone for work so I could be reached, especially when we're planning events and doing our annual play.  That worked really well since it was an AT&T phone and our family phone plus my sister's phone were also on AT&T.  Unfortunately, the powers that be decided to switch to Sprint.  I'm not even going to start telling you how much I dislike Sprint....  Anyway, using the Sprint phone to call my husband (who had now claimed the AT&T phone as his own) started getting expensive.  We decided to do one of those family plans and changed our home telephone number over to a cell phone, added a phone for me, and added a phone for our sons to use for field trips and other times they would need to let us know where they were.  So....2 phones!  Yes, I carry them both at all times.  Yes, it is bothersome.  Yes, people get confused about which number to call me at.  In fact, I'll send a text from my Sprint phone (it has a keyboard) to my friend Tami and she will text me back on my AT&T phone.  Don't ask me how that happens!

I got permission at work to ditch their phone and just use mine.  I've gotten spoiled on getting email on my work phone, so I started looking for an AT&T smartphone.  I didn't expect the iPhone to be the best deal out there, but it was, so my husband decided to get the new iPhone 4 and then I would take his iPhone 3G.  We made a reservation online for the phone, but because it didn't show up on their computer, they kicked us over to the "walk-in" line.  It took 5 hours and 45 minutes to get into the store (on the hottest day of the year so far, no less) and then another hour for the phone to actually activate.  Even though there was no time for Etsy activities, it was actually kind of fun hanging out there with all the chaos.  The Apple Store workers at the front of the line would cheer as they sent people into the store and cheer even louder as people came out with their new phones.  It was amazing to see all that energy after they had been working 15 hours and still had a couple more hours left.  I did manage to be productive while in line and finished the ends of some of the bracelets I tatted and started tatting a new bracelet.  Let's hope I can get these bracelets listed soon so we can pay for this adventure.

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