Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not Playing Fair

I got burned by someone on Etsy today.  They had posted an Alchemy request for a banner and had given some details of what they were looking for.  I put in a bid and knew I could get the basics of the design put together quickly, so I sent a mock-up or preview to them.  The buyer responded with what she liked and what needed to be changed.  I changed it up and she liked the font and gave some other suggestions.  After the next set of revisions, I didn't hear back from her.  Assuming she was done for the night, I just waited until the next day to check back.  A couple more days went by and still nothing.  I keep an eye on my past bids - partly out of curiosity and partly because I worry that someone will use the mock-up I sent without paying me anything.  While browsing the list, I noticed that the buyer I hadn't heard from had changed her avatar.  It looked similar to the type of thing she was hoping to have as a banner.  I clicked on the bid information and saw that she had accepted a bid, but it wasn't mine.  Looking for answers, I sent a quick convo (message) to her asking if she had decided to go with another designer.  Soon I had a convo in my box from the Alchemy Convobot telling me my bid had been declined.  How rude!  Why do people think it's okay to lead you on like that?  She still doesn't have a banner up for her shop. All she had to do is turn me down in the first place or tell me that what I had didn't match what she wanted.  Rather than trash my hard work, I decided to change the shop name on the banner and keep it as an example of my work.  The funny thing is that when I bid on another banner project later, I described my ideas for it in writing and mentioned my reluctance to provide a mock-up because of being taken advantage of....I won the bid!

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