Monday, June 28, 2010


The Internet problems are still hampering us, but I did have some great news today.  One of my necklace and earring sets sold.  This is the first item to sell from my shop that wasn't a graphic design order.  Yippee!!  My favorite customer, elladean, ordered another graphic needing revision and I won an Alchemy bid to create an alphabet with a double outline.  It sure is nice having things move along like this.  Things even went well on a personal level.  We had some great visitors from our neighborhood and enjoyed discussing what all our kids are up to and how we can help each other out.  I happen to live in probably the best neighborhood anywhere for being social. This is one of those little areas where everyone watches out for each other and cares how people are doing.   They also welcome everyone in.  Having a great home life sure makes things easier!

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