Thursday, June 10, 2010

Starting the Etsy Adventure

My husband and I have always done crafts off and on over the years.  At my workplace, we have a craft boutique every November and that gave us an outlet for sales.  We have made and sold buckskin dolls, tatted snowflakes, Navajo jewelry, etched candle holders, dreamcatchers, Native American themed picture frames, fabric and rice dolls, Navajo fry bread mix, hair decorations, and more. I've sold things on Ebay over the years, but I never liked gambling that someone interested in your item would try to buy it in the 7 days it was listed.  A coworker introduced me to Etsy and I was hooked.

I admit that it's been harder than I imagined. My first product pictures were awful!  I had taken them with the items just laying on a sheet. After spending more time looking around at other shops, I realized how boring my stuff looked and I took new pictures. It seems to have increased the number of people looking at individual items in my shop.

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