Friday, June 11, 2010


One of the things I find really fun to do on Etsy is create treasuries.  What are treasuries? Etsy lets individuals make collections of up to 16 different items.  They are displayed in a nice little grid of thumbnail pictures and you add a title and an optional description.  The treasury could just be a wish list of things you like or items based on a theme.  I have treasuries based on the beach, Utah sellers, feathers, beagles, diet coke, old video games, fake food, nuts, and more.  Why make them? Other people on Etsy can see the collections and make comments on them.  It can lead to people looking at your shop. Etsy also regularly selects treasuries to feature on the front page.  It has led to people checking out my page more, but not to any sales.  Still, it's fun to look around at everyone else's stuff.

My Treasuries

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