Sunday, June 27, 2010

When the Internet Disappears

Wireless Home Networking For Dummies, 3rd EditionAll the excitement of doing business online sure goes away fast when you can't connect to the Internet.  Friday morning, I got a call from my husband letting me know that the router for our home computer had died.  "Simple fix," I thought.  Boy, was I wrong....very wrong!  I told him to take our oldest son with him to buy a new router and get it set up.  They actually ended up coming home with two different routers after hitting a couple of stores.  After a few hours of trying to set it up, they were at their wit's end when I came home from work.  I have to admit I was overly confident that I could get it going in no time and figured they had missed some step in the process.  Nope....not gonna happen!  We battled our Internet service provider who was sure it was a problem with the router and the router company who was sure it was an Internet connection problem.  We even went to the store and bought yet another router and made sure it was a completely different brand.  Still no luck.  I reset, rebooted, power cycled, pinged, updated, released, renewed, switched cables, unplugged, name it.  From what I can determine, there is Internet service coming into our house and it will work (for a few minutes at a time) when plugged directly into a computer.  the connection from the computer to the router and from the router to the Internet is there, even though the router can't see it.  My theory is that the Internet signal is too weak and/or sporadic for the router to truly see it and get set up.  I have heard from neighbors that they are experiencing difficulties with the same Internet provider.  Why am I telling you all this?  I missed out on at least one Alchemy job I bid on because I couldn't get online to answer the potential buyer's questions.  Since I couldn't get on Etsy to try to bid for more work, I missed out on any jobs that went to those quick bidders.  I had never considered what to do if I couldn't get online.  I've been so devoted to pursuing online work.  I'm not even sure that I'll be able to post this when I get done writing.  Modern times - modern troubles!

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