Friday, July 2, 2010

Burned Again! Why don't I learn?

I've been bidding on more Alchemy jobs (yes, I'm crazy).  The upside to Alchemy is more instant jobs and when you finish an Alchemy job, an image of your project is displayed for awhile and lots of people end up looking at your shop.  The down side is all the time spent checking on jobs and buyers leading you on.  I don't mind sharing ideas back and forth with someone, but when they keep it going and give you the impression that you're working on the design, it's not cool when they decide to formally reject your offer while you're working on the design.  That's what happened to me tonight.  It sounded like we were on the right track and I was pretty excited about working on the design.  When I got back with an early draft based on the buyer's instructions, I found an email saying my offer had been declined. REALLY?!?!  That's fine.  I'll keep the image and find a way to use it in another way.  I was working with another buyer the same way and just sent her a message letting her know that she will have to formally accept my bid before I can do any work on the project.  I'm guessing that I will get that rejection soon too.  I've had rejections where the buyer mentions that someone offered to do the work for free.  How do I compete with that?  It's against the rules on Etsy since it cuts out their percentage of the sale. Time to pull it back in and get back to my tatting.

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