Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Buy and Replace

That almost sounds like everyday life....
Actually, I'm back in two different BNR (buy & replace) treasuries right now.  If you want to see how crazy they can get, check them out.  One of them is done by a group of people who take turns curating or managing the treasury.  This is no easy task since there were about 70+ sales in the first 12 hours.  They have to confirm the transaction and replace the seller's item with an item from the buyer's shop.  The other treasury is moving a little slower, but it's still moving.  One of the things I see happening to people is they buy an item to get into the treasury and then every time someone "buys them out" they look for another item to buy in order to get back in.  That means the same group of people just keep buying stuff from each other, round and round.  When the system works well, other interested people wander past the treasury and get into the mix.  No matter what, you do get more people checking out your shop.
Enyaeire's 36 Hour BNR
Shopper's Paradise BNR Treasury

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