Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chatting It Up

135 Tips on Email and Instant Messages: Plus Blogs, Chatrooms, and TextingI haven't been in an online chat room since we were on AOL years and years ago, but the holiday weekend left things pretty slow on Etsy, so I decided to check out their Chat Rooms in the Community section.  One of the interesting things about their chat room is that you can look at the shops of the other people in the chat room and post pictures of items you like in their shops.  The picture appears to the right of the chat window and it's a great way to promote items.  At first, I thought it was just automatically posting any item that someone in the chat room was looking at, but I eventually figured it out. I had forgotten how difficult it can be to keep up with conversations among so many people at once. The best part about my experience hanging out in the chat room was helping some people with their Etsy experiences.  It was surprising to see how much I had learned already.  One seller was trying to put together treasuries and I was able to tell her to only include one item from any one shop and advised her on changing the order of the pictures so the best ones were in the first three spots.  After checking out some of the shops, I let one of the sellers know which picture would be best for showcasing their bracelet.  We had some good conversations about international shipping - something I have big problems with.  I'm definitely going to check out the chat rooms again in the future.

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