Sunday, July 25, 2010

Experimenting With Beads

I decided to play around with some tatting designs and try to add beads.  They were large turquoise beads, so I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to add them in between motifs.  So wrong....

I tatted a different version of this necklace with mostly white tatted flowers and one black tatted flower.  I wasn't crazy about how it turned out and decided it might look better with fewer motifs and with the beads in between.  The black Senso crochet thread I used made it even more difficult since it was quite thick.  It also had glittery plastic strands running through the thread, adding to the complications.  The beads between the flower motifs were threaded onto picots.  After the first one, I learned to make the picots longer so it wouldn't be quite so difficult to join the motifs.
When the flowers were done, I played around with different things to hang from the middle of the necklace.  Many, many mistakes were made on this part of the project.  I would forget to put the beads on the thread before starting, or let the beads slide down to the ball of thread, making them unavailable for use.  Then there were the rings I linked through the wrong motif or the wrong part of the right motif.  I'm surprised I didn't run out of thread before finally getting it right.
Once the necklace was complete, I decided that I should make some matching earrings.  I'm not exactly thrilled with where the beads ended up...  Maybe I'll make another pair tomorrow with the last of my thread.  I do like the soft feel and the chunky look that the Senso thread gave, but the many strands twisted together were very difficult to manage and sewing the ends back in took a lot of effort.  My next plan is to figure out how to display it for photos and get it listed on Etsy.  I wouldn't mind keeping this one if it doesn't sell, though.

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