Friday, July 16, 2010

Favorite Items

You will notice that there is a box on this blog that shows some of my favorites that I have discovered on Etsy.  It's always changing because I never stop liking some of the new things I find.  Many of the items are things I would love to buy if I had unlimited funds, so it's really more of a wish list.  I also have shops/sellers that are favorites because I can't just pick one or two things I like.  Some of the other artisans are so amazing!  One of them impressed me so much that I just have to share.  The Midnight Orange has clay sculptures that represent so many emotions.  Those who know me personally can tell you that I'm an emotionally gifted person (=moody).  Having experienced a lot of things in my life that propelled my emotional roller coaster, I love what artisan D. Antonia Truesdale has done with her shop.  The emotions of life, death, birth, abuse, love, family, and more can be found in these simple, yet inspirational sculptures.
One of them reminds me of how much I loved how my husband treated me when I was pregnant.

Others show the agony and pain of abuse.  Purchasing of some of these sculptures sends a donation to fighting sexual abuse.  There is one set of three figures called "Some days are harder than others" that could represent everything from a tough day to abuse.  I think I've had many days represented by these figures.

My joy at becoming a mom is representing in so many of the sculptures.  I've included pictures of just a couple of them.  My "babies" are all grown up now, but my best memories are of those times when they were tiny and needed me so much.  Those cute little hugs and kids and their adoration of their mommy....

The last one I'm including is called "Please Grow."  I actually didn't notice it until today when I started writing this.  My face lit up with a big smile because that is how I am with plants.  I want so much for them to grow and have been know to overwater them on accident.  I even talk to each little plant in my garden to encourage them to grow.

I'm sure all of us put a lot of of ourselves into the items we make.  Tatting brings me a lot of peace and joy and I love being able to share it with others.  The Midnight Orange has taken that to a whole new level and I have seen her design custom items for those who are grieving as well as those excited about a new arrival.  Please visit her shop - I know you'll love her creations, too.

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