Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Of A Kind

You won't browse Etsy for long before running into the abbreviation "OOAK."  I usually pride myself on being able to figure out abbreviations and acronyms, but I ended up Googling this one.  OOAK = One of a kind.  I have a couple of items in my shop that are OOAK.  The newest is pictured here.  I didn't list it that way, but I don't think I'll be making more.  For me, a one of a kind item is usually an accident or experiment.  I start playing around with something and end up not writing down the pattern.  This brooch started when I was showing a friend how tatting looks.  I kept making ring after ring, ending up with a layered looking flower, and then secured it to a pin back and added a turquoise bead.  Kind of weird and messy, but I love those colors together.  I actually prefer thinking of it as a one of a kind rather than an experiment or accident anyway.

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