Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crafting on the Go

I have a tendency to get fidgety if I don't have enough to do, so I like to keep things with me that I can work on wherever I go.  Most of the time, this just means hanging out in the car, sitting in a waiting room, waiting for a meeting, etc.  This weekend, we took a trip to this beautiful lake so my hubby and oldest son could do some fishing.  Once at the lake, I reached for my tatting.

Tatting (or crafting) in the outdoors can be risky. Not only can the projects you're working on and your supplies get dirty, but weather problems can happen.  We had some episodes of rain on our fishing trip.  Fortunately, I keep my "on the go" tatting in a heavy vinyl bag.  It's actually a small cosmetics bag, but ended up being too small for what makeup I wanted to put in there.  It's long and skinny and fits well in my purse.  I have a couple of shuttles, small balls of thread, needles, scissors, and occasionally some embellishments.  Because the vinyl case is clear, I can keep my pattern in it and still see it.  It takes some paper folding to get the correct part to show, but this worked like a gem when the rain was coming down.

You probably already know this, but working from a spool of thread or ball of thread/yarn usually involves the spool or ball rolling away at some point.  Don't laugh!  You know it's happened to you at least once.  It's even worse when you're on the go since having your thread roll off your lap and onto the dirt could really mess up your project.  My usual solutions are to either put the thread in my pocket or place it in the vinyl bag.  The fabric of my pocket can sometimes impede the flow of the thread from the ball, so my first choice is to put it in the bag and zip it closed except for a gap to let the thread pass through.

Here are the results of my work on the fishing trip.  I used Birgit Phelps' pattern for a Celtic style wreath.  The white thread is DMC 80 white thread and the blue is a blue upholstery thread.  I thought they looked like the same size, but they weren't.  I still like how it turned out, though.  The next step is to take care of the thread ends and block the tatting.  These will probably end up on pin backs and I'm thinking of doing a giveaway with one of them.

3 mad comments:

Ami Allison said...

I like it!!! Maybe they are the same size and it's just an optical illusion!!

Thanks for stopping by today. I totally agree with your comment. Thanks for the follow.


ennadoolf said...

I found you via the "Tools are for Women Too" blog and I see here we are both EtsyFAST members! Love your blog, and hearted your shop.

Karen T said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love talking to other bloggers and crafters. It's nice to see these link parties work.

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