Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Ideas

Amanda Dickson
I attended a wonderful conference last week - "Smart Women Smart Money."  It was offered at no charge and sponsored by Zion's Bank and other local sponsors.  Since I have been planning to make our business official, I have been looking for help and information.  One of the workshops at the conference was about small business planning and it was the main reason I went.  Meeting other business women was the best part of the day. 
Lee Woodruff
Other highlights of the day included hearing from Amanda Dickson, a local radio personality who has the sunniest personality you will ever encounter.  The keynote speaker was Lee Woodruff.  She spoke on how she dealt with her husband's major brain injury from an explosive devise in Iraq.  She found herself with no clue about how their family's finances were at all.  Fortunately, she had a small group of friends that came in and went through boxes and files to help her sort out the finances.  "None of us knows what lies ahead, you have to live with the hand you're dealt."

Once again, I snapped some pictures.  I liked the vases they had at the tables.  Since they were such large tables, they paired two vases with different flowers, but kept them linked by having some long leaves bent into shapes and with the flowers poking through.  Ironically, the green, white, and black color scheme was the same as at the charity event earlier in the week and the green flowers in the arrangement were the "live" version of the artificial flowers that I had learned to shape for those other decorations.  A black ribbon was tied around the two vases with a card acknowledging the donor.  Participants at the conference got to take these vases home.  I found several black ribbons left on the tables and now I'm working on some ideas for using them.  I like this idea of not wasting anything!  If you intend to do a floral arrangement like this, be aware that the leaves start to brown soon after being cut or punched through, so don't use it if you are making them ahead of time.

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