Monday, September 6, 2010

Cricut Man

My hubby had me teach him how to upload designs to the Cricut and then get them cut out.  He comes up with wonderful designs and it's those designs that helped us decide to get Sure Cuts a Lot so we could do our own thing.  He's been using it a lot this weekend and has made some wonderful new things for our shop and for me.  I'm more into doing the vinyl decals to put on things, so he made me this cute one that I put on my memo board at work.  He also made a Native American themed name sign that can go on a desk or on the wall.  I'm excited he made one for me that will serve as the sample for our shop listing.

His preference is using the vinyl to create masks for etching glass and he went all out.  This glass block he etched looks amazing!  I wish the photos portrayed it better.  The cool thing is you can see the design from the front or the back.  When the light hits the etching, it's truly inspiring.

Sometimes I wonder how many couples craft together.  Do they work on the same crafts together or does each have their specialty?  I feel very fortunate to have my hubby's support in making things.  We've made a lot of different things over the years and we divide up the tasks according to our strengths.  He would design our boys' powwow outfits and help with cutting out and pinning, and I would do the sewing and ironing.  The Etsy shop is our first experience with each of us focusing just on our own talents individually, but the business itself is a joint effort.  Any other crafting couples out there?

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