Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Friends, Sunburn, and a Sale

 Here is my table setup at the farmer's market.  I could tell the difference with people as they walked by.  More people stopped to look and even more slowed down.  When the items were all just laying on the table last week, people hardly glanced at it.  Sometimes I wonder if other people think the way I do.  It's hard not to wonder, "How do you know you don't want to buy any of my stuff if you won't even take a decent look at it?"

The unexpected star of the show turned out to be the toddler sized BYU football jersey that was on a wooden doll form.  Since it was game day, I thought it would be fun.  The display for the necklaces was good, but I definitely need to get at least one more thing to display them on so they aren't all crowded together.  The displays for the earrings were great and caught the attention of a lot of people.  My one sale for the day was a pair of earrings.

Once again, I went unprepared for the blazing sun and came home with an intense sunburn.  My hubby has the lovely dark skin but I am horribly white and attract sunburns even when outside for just a few minutes.

 Besides the sale, the highlight of the day was making new friends.  Several ladies came over to talk to me because they saw my tatting.  One of them, Vera, had her own booth at the market.  I absolutely fell in love with her Halloween creations! (Make sure you click on the picture to look at it bigger)  She had photos of her safari collection, creations for other holidays, and even an entire nativity scene.  We had some great conversations about doing business and swapped stories about people trying to copy your hard work.  I never knew someone could make a paver look so good! We exchanged information and hope to meet up again.  Vera's even considering setting up at the boutique at my workplace in November.
When I got home, I noticed that Night Owl Crafting had a tutorial on making paver pumpkins.  That would be a much easier way to start.  So here's to new friends, sunburns, and one lonely sale and to having a wonderful day overall.

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Love those monsters!!!


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