Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Productive Weekend

Our efforts this weekend resulted in adding several new listings to our shop...hooray!  The torso display figure we purchased after our adventure at Craft Lake City is working out great.  It's nice to give the photos a more professional look.  In addition to the new listings, I took some new photos for a few of the listings already in the shop. 

I've been getting more and more comments and compliments on the upcycled necklace and flower, so I made some more over the weekend to put in the shop. The photos turned out better than I expected and showed the glassy look of the flowers that people seem to like.

A few weeks ago, a friend gave me some gorgeous white yarn and I played with some patterns to create a muffler/neck scarf out of it.  I loved it so much that I made two more for the shop as well.  Keeping an item for myself is not only rewarding, but leads to personal advertising for our business.   I was reading an Etsy blog article about a jewelry maker and one of her marketing tactics is to always wear at least one piece of her jewelry when going out.  This seems to be a win-win to me!

It's nice to see the giveaway doing well.  What I learned from the previous giveaway was to give people at least one entry option that didn't require them to commit to following or subscribing to my blog or "Like"ing my Facebook fan page and to give people more time to enter.  I've enjoyed the comments people are leaving so far and this makes me feel like doing this again some time.

2 mad comments:

The Beading Gem said...

I so agree with the tip about wearing one's own creations! I don't do it often enough myself. I guess the joy for me is more in the creating less the wearing!

Karen T said...

My struggle with wearing my own creations is that I am never that confident that people will like my work. I still get a huge rush whenever one of my items sells because it's so rewarding to know somebody else likes it. I've always been known for having somewhat eclectic tastes, so I often like things that other people don't. You have wonderful jewelry, by the way. Go ahead and wear some!

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