Thursday, September 30, 2010

What is a flash giveaway?

I took part in a very interesting type of giveaway on Facebook tonight.  It's called a Flash Giveaway.  It was hosted by several different blogs with Facebook fan pages.  To participate, you needed to "Like" the host's fan page.  For each giveaway, the host page will post the name of the person/company giving away the prize and a link to their Facebook fan page.  You will be instructed to go to that fan page and "like" them and then come back and leave a comment on the host's post (say that 10 times fast!) saying that you did it.  One of the hosts also required that you leave some love (comment) on the prize donor's fan page.  The post usually lists a time limit of 4-5 minutes.

I noticed that the hosts generally handled determining the winners while the next (or the next next) contest was going.  The host that I found out about this wacky contest from was That Crazy Lewis House!  There were three other blogs/fan pages involved as well.  Just for kicks, I offered up a pair of tatted beaded star earrings for the giveaway.  I'm curious to see how things go.  Will people "like" me and then "unlike" me as soon as the contest is over?  How many will stick around out of curiosity?  Will I end up with any who stay and become regular followers of this blog?  Before the contest, I had 50 Facebook fans.  I'll keep you posted on how this works out for me.  If nothing else, I learned a new type of giveaway.  I do admire the hosts of this flash giveaway since they seem to be working pretty hard....over 40 prizes were given away!

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