Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flash Giveaway Followers

On September 30, I was part of a flash giveaway on Facebook.  I gained over 100 new Facebook fans/followers that night so they could be entered to win a pair of tatted earrings.  I had serious doubts about those followers sticking with me and watched to see how many would "unlike" my page once the contest was over.  Within 20 minutes, a couple of people hit the "unlike" button.  After 24 hours, a total of 8 people had fallen away.  Much to my surprise, things stabilized after that.  A few more people are now following my Facebook page as part of my latest giveaway and my participation in a SITS networking activity.  Unless something changes dramatically over the next month, I'm going to consider this activity a success.  I don't mind this kind of surprise!

2 mad comments:

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! If I find the link to that bookmark pattern I will edit my blog post and add it in there!
Speaking of Facebook...if we are not friends on there already...come find me and add me as a friend! If we are friends please forgive my faux pas for forgetting that we were friends... I get a little forgetful once I got over the 2000+ mark so please forgive me! I'm "TattingChic" over on FB, too! :D

Grace said...

That's interesting. 100 new fans for the price of a pair of earrings? I'd call that successful, too! Congratulations!

By the way, I was surprised to see myself on your sidebar (you know, the picture of Cruella). Thank you! "Irreverant" is a perfect word for a preacher's kid!

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