Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Free Stickers for Your Packages

I love it when people share with their fellow Etsians!  Over on the blog Apples of My Eyes, they are celebrating their 150th blog post by sharing a free download of hand drawn labels that are perfect for putting on your packages for customers.  They are accented with Etsy's signature orange color. 

Another Etsy seller and blogger, NiftyKnits, has offered up her spreadsheet that she uses to help calculate profits.  Looking at your products with accurate information on how much you spent on supplies, how much you paid in listing fees, and how much the sale will cost in Etsy and Paypal fees will help you to set your prices better.

If you know of other great resources like these, please share.  When we help each other, we help the entire handmade community.

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