Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have You Noticed the Changes at Etsy?

Etsy has been doing some fine tuning lately.  Fortunately, they don't make big changes as often as Facebook and Etsy does seem to try harder to listen to its members.  Some changes are minor while others help with shop appearances.

  • Searches are now a little more logical.  It used to be that if you searched for something and no items matched, Etsy would just list all products on Etsy. Confusing, huh?  Now that same search will return a message saying no items matched so you can refine your search terms.  They have also limited search results to the first 50,000 items that match your search terms.  There was never much of a chance someone was going to look through more than 50,000 items.  I usually try another set of search terms if I don't find what I want after the first few pages.
  • Shop Announcements have slightly changed.  The word "Announcement" is no longer in front of your text and you can change some of the text spacing.  Handmadeology has a great article on this.  When Etsy changed the look of the shops to be wider, the shop announcement section was given a less prominent place on the page and you may want to make adjustments.
  • The biggest change I've seen is the new look of the Profile pages.  I never was a fan of how boring my profile page looked.  Click on someone's profile now and you will not only see their Bio, but also some of the latest items they added to their shop, a selection of the Treasuries they created, and some of their Favorite items and shops (if they have chosen to make them public).  There has been a lot of discussion about this change.  Most people like the new look, but many wish that Favorites weren't listed since they don't want their competition displayed there.  I think they could add a little more to the profile that would be valuable like an additional picture (of you or your workspace) and links to your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.  
I'm glad that Etsy is always looking to improve and that they do actually listen to their members' opinions.  A lot of the recent changes have come from discussions in the community section (forums).  What do you think?  Will these changes improve your Etsy experience as a buyer or seller?

2 mad comments:

Anonymous said...

I love Etsy! I'm glad they make client-friendly changes:)

Agnieszka Winnicka said...

I noticed those changes recently and I agree, that on profile page should be about that seller. Instead of favorites they should put treasuries that the shop owner is included in, not only the one he made, as we usually don't put ourselves into treasuries.
Thank you for explaining it closer, now it is much more clear to me and I know which links to visit for more info

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