Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Need Someone to Talk to?

Etsy Exposed: 50 Ways to Start Making More Etsy Sales Than You Can Handle: Tips and Tricks for Selling on Etsy.comGetting started on Etsy is challenging and somewhat lonely.  If you're sitting there, staring at your computer screen and wondering what to do next, this post is definitely for you.  People tell me that I'm unusual because I just kind of jump right in and try stuff.  Part of why I can do that is that I love research.  I am a total information junkie and will search until I find the answers I need.

Where do you turn for help if you aren't such an information junkie?  I think the best resource is to talk to other Etsians (Etsy sellers).  Etsy has a community section with forums for bulletin board type posts, but I find myself lost there in a sea of people with nothing better to do and people who only want to promote their shops.  A new online community has been created for Etsy sellers called Etsypreneur.  They bill themselves as "an uplifting and helpful community of Etsy sellers."   After spending some time there, I have to agree.  Groups have been created for different kinds of handicrafts as well as different types of needs.  One that I really like is the "Website and Blog Techy Stuff" group.  You can post any technical question and not feel stupid at all.  People jump in to answer your questions or at least point you toward helpful resources.  I like having people actually answer and you can even create new groups if you feel there's a need.  Don't suffer in silence.  Join the Etsypreneur community and have someone to talk to.

For those of you living in Utah County, my employer has an annual holiday boutique coming up on November 4th & 5th from 9 am to 5 pm.  Heritage Schools, Inc. is located at the mouth of Provo Canyon, near the Shops at Riverwoods.  The address is 5600 N. Heritage School Dr., Provo, Utah.  If you're interested in being a vendor, the information is here.  I'm going to have a table there and so are some of my friends (The cost is low enough that I can take the risk).  Please stop by and do some shopping.  I hope to see you there!

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