Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Want an Easy Way to Change Etsy Prices?

 If you have an Etsy shop, you've probably been frustrated about the difficulty of changing prices on your items.  You have to go into your list of items on sale, click to "edit" the item, then navigate to the part where you set the price. Once you do that, you make your way to the last page of the editing section and click on "finish." To raise or lower prices on all of your similar items, you would have to edit them individually. Too tedious!

One of my favorite sites for monitoring my Etsy shop is Craftopolis.  I previously blogged about how they tell you if you're listed in an Etsy treasury.  Craftopolis has now added a section that allows you to quickly change prices by dollar amount or percentage (with the choice of rounding or not).  You can choose individual items, several items, or entire shop sections.  The drop down menu also allows you to change item quantities as well as item titles. Quick, easy, and much needed!!  No software to add or download to your computer.  This is done entirely online.

Craftopolis also tells you how many people looked at your Etsy shop (and how many were new visitors), who "hearts" your shop, which items they looked at, if any items were "hearted," your sales totals each day and for the month, and which items are about to expire.  These are all on the Shop Lovers tab and require you to grant permission to access your Etsy account and your Google analytics account to provide all the information.  The Tag Report tab lets you see which of your items were found as a result of Etsy searches. It will tell you which page of the search results your item was on and which tag or tags for your item matched with the search keywords.  I have learned a lot from using this site and I hope it will help you manage your Etsy shop as well.

October 13, 2010 - Handmadeology did a fantastic post on the same thing today!

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