Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Did You Notice My Blog Went On A Diet?

Since I first started this blog, it got a little chubby.  I didn't want to hold back on cool stuff I found, but things were getting so busy on the sidebar with links and buttons and gadgets and widgets.....  Time to put this blog on a diet!!

I've spent weeks searching for the best "diet aids."  Here is what I found:
  • My absolute favorite is the scrolling blog buttonsSmart & Trendy Moms had the code for that one.  I'm glad I will now be able to add my favorite blog buttons and not hold back because of concerns on how cluttered my blog might get.  I think people will notice them more now that they scroll. One tip I will give you on this is to paste the code in Notepad so you can work on adding in all the blog buttons and adjust the size of the scroll box.  Don't use Word for this (or any other html projects)!  Word adds in a lot of other code that you don't see and Blogger will refuse to save it with those extra codes in there. 
  • I found the code for adding social media connections here at the Cool Tricks N Tips blog.  I had tried a different one that I found somewhere else, but it was too small and I was afraid nobody would notice it.  When adding it to my blog, I had to adjust the width of the box a bit, but it wasn't too painful.
  • With the social media box added in, I ditched the Facebook widget and the Networked Blogs widget.  Networked Blogs is awesome for automatically publishing my blog posts on Facebook, but it didn't seem to serve any other purpose for me and the widget took up valuable space.
  • I made my posts show up abbreviated on the main page to save you from endless scrolling. Designer Blogs had a wonderful tutorial on how to do this on Blogger and I love it!  You decide how much of the post to show before the reader needs to click to "read more." 
Things are looking lighter already!  If you have some fun tips or tricks to share or advice on how I can trim  a little more weight from this baby, please let me know. 

1 mad comments: said...

I know the so excited with all those gadgets my blog looks a mess. It is fun, tho..

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