Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm So Sorry! (Mostly)

I've been pretty absent from the blog lately and I'm sorry. At my day job (Heritage Schools, Inc.), I'm up against a serious deadline to get the playbill/program for "A Christmas Carol" done and we're still trying to work on getting tickets sold.  Until the production ends on December 13th, they need my help at rehearsals as well.  Add in a Thanksgiving holiday, bunches of family visiting from out of town, and a lack of access to a computer and I've become digitally invisible.  Since most of you were busy this week as well and I don't regret spending more time with family than with my computer, I'm not feeling too bad.

The biggest apology goes out to those who signed up for the Ornament Exchange.  I am just now getting the chance to send out the information.  Please hang in there with me.  I've emailed the information to the participants now and I hope you will be able to send your ornaments out by the end of the month so they arrive in time for Christmas.  Fortunately, all the participants were in the United States, so shipping will be a little faster.

Remember the powwow we had a table at?  We sold more than some of the other vendors because we offered something different than what people usually see at a powwow. My husband was happy talking to people and getting appreciated for his work.  He even walked away with some custom orders and several people looking to place orders for his new line of pop up Christmas cards as soon as he can get them listed online.  It feels like the hard work is beginning to pay off.

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