Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Time for Small Business Saturday

Saturday, November 27, 2010, is the first ever Small Business Saturday.  I found out about it through American Express' Small Business Saturday page.  They generously offered their American Express card members the opportunity to sign up with their cards and earn $25 credit back by making a qualified purchase from a small business (see their website for details).  American Express also teamed up with Facebook to offer $100 in advertising on Facebook to some of the small businesses who registered.  You can't imagine how excited I was to get an email letting me know that Native & Pilgrim was selected to receive free Facebook advertising! 

What's the big deal about supporting small businesses?  Small businesses are the life of a community.  All of us selling on Etsy are small business owners.  What happens when people buy from us or from a small, locally owned business with a physical storefront?  The majority of our money ends up being spent locally.  We use it to buy fun things, pay bills, or even hire employees.  We advertise locally and support local events.  The Small Business Saturday site gives some great information about how the majority of businesses are small businesses, that most new jobs are created by small businesses, and more than half of all private sector employees work at small businesses.  Want to give our struggling economy a boost?  The most important thing you can do is support those small businesses in your area and online.  What will you buy?

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