Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's Have An Ornament Exchange

One of the things I love about holidays is family traditions.  For Halloween, my mom used to make homemade donuts and hot apple cider for when we were done trick or treating.  Thanksgiving is coming soon and there are certain foods (like my mom's water chestnut and mushroom stuffing) that HAVE to be on the dinner table.  Christmas is pretty much the ultimate holiday for our little family and I love the traditions we have established. 

Years ago, my sister used to send us a handmade ornament every year for Christmas.  Each one was different and several of them were personalized.  I looked forward to getting those ornaments more than any present she sent with it.  My kids can tell you that I'm the only one allowed to put those particular ornaments on the tree.

I was thinking that it would be really fun to put together an ornament exchange with anyone who wants to play along. Cookie exchanges always seemed like fun, but I'm a lousy cook.  Trading ornaments seems much more fun.  This is how it works:
  • Fill out the form below in order to participate. (Information from this form will not be given or sold to others and I will not be bugging you other than to send you information about the exchange)
  • You need to enter by November 19.
  • Ornaments need to be mailed by November 25.
  • I hate to set any sort of dollar amount guideline for this.  Let's try to keep it handmade, if possible. 
  • Include a note with your ornament to tell the recipient how you made it, why you chose it, what it means, etc.
  • If you do a blog post on the ornament(s) you send and/or receive, please send me a link so we all can see it.  I'll try to learn how to do that Linky thing by then...
Ready to sign up?  Here you go...

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Suzy Myers said...

This is a great idea! Unfortunately, I'm booked into my own swap and can't do this one too. But I can tell you, it is the nicest thing to receive hand made ornaments!

Thanks for linking up to my Commercial Break!


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