Monday, December 27, 2010

Surviving the Christmas Chaos

This month has been a crazy one for me.  I loved the musical our students at Heritage did, but it ate up my precious free time.  Because I had Etsy orders to ship and some local orders to fulfill, they had to take priority over blog posts.  Add in some Christmas gifts that I wanted to make instead of buy and I was quickly swamped.  I'm glad I kept up on reading some posts on my favorite blogs because I discovered the perfect gift for my husband there.  I bought him a remote controlled Bigfoot (the monster, not the truck).  Photos are still on my camera and ideas are still floating in my head and I hope to share them with you now that the chaos is over.  You may have noticed some of the new items in our Etsy shop.  My dear Cricut Man made some very unique Christmas cards that have been very popular at live selling events.

I'm hoping to get on a more regular posting schedule for the new year.  If there are particular subjects that you want me to post about, please let me know.  My goal is to help other Etsy sellers to survive the madness.

1 mad comments:

Unknown said...

Found you through a twitter hop and glad I did:) I have an award waiting for you on my blog, go snatch it!

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