Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Benefits of Making Mistakes

There are benefits to making mistakes???  Yes, there are!  I should know since I'm really good at making mistakes...

Papernstitch recently wrote about mistakes on their blog and it made me start thinking about what I've gained from making mistakes.  I would be a much different person without the mistakes that I have made and even the mistakes other people have made that affected my life.

    Celebrating Failure: The Power of Taking Risks, Making Mistakes and Thinking BigWhy We Make Mistakes: How We Look Without Seeing, Forget Things in Seconds, and Are All Pretty Sure We Are Way Above Average
  • The events of my childhood - Without going into a bunch of personal detail, I'll just say that some pretty bad things were done to me during my childhood and I made my fair share of huge mistakes during that time as well.  Those mistakes by me and others made me who I am today.  I have been able to relate to and help more people in similar situations and I like that.
  • If I hadn't stopped my college education when I got married, I wouldn't have had the joy of returning to college 20 years later, much smarter and knowing what I really wanted to study.
  • If my husband hadn't lost his job near the end of 2009, he wouldn't have been able to be home to take care of me when I totaled our truck and broke my foot.
  • If I hadn't gotten behind with our finances, I wouldn't have had the motivation to start an online business and blog.  I'm one of those weird people who actually likes working for others and letting them deal with the headaches and paperwork.  Without this push, I wouldn't have found out how much I like to have my own business.
  • If I hadn't been undecided on where to focus my business management studies, I wouldn't have gotten the benefit of studying both marketing and human resources. I waited too long to choose a human resources emphasis and I'm glad since I took the last of the HR classes being offered as well as marketing courses I was interested in. The HR opportunities I thought would happen for me disappeared and the marketing classes led me to better opportunities.
Mistakes Worth Making (Paperback Book)The things I learned from every job I've had, even the jobs I hated, have helped me to get better jobs.  My thirst for knowledge has helped me to keep myself challenged, especially during times where my day job doesn't fulfill me.  Right now, my desire to be creative with marketing, communication, public relations, and social media is being satisfied through this blog and through helping others that I meet online.

So here's to mistakes -- may we continue to make them and continue to learn from them!

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jemyl41 said...

Mistakes? I'm not sure I would label them as such. Instead, I would call them God or Spirit moments when God or The Universe impacted your life to lead you to another (better, it would seem) possibility or path just when you were ready to go there.

Oh Karen, I see each of the things you mentioned as things happening to jolt you out of your comfort zone and into becoming the very best that you can be! Sometimes we just don't reach for our possibilities unless something rocks our life and makes us look about for different ways to use our talents.

This whole mistake thing reminded me of what my dad used to drum into me: the only person who never makes mistakes is he or she who doesn't do anything which, in itself, is a mistake. That bit of wisdom has always helped me to look beyond any mistakes to see what there is for me in the situation. It's usually something good, even if it's only learning one more thing NOT to do.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with mistakes. This post cannot help but assist others in coping with whatever happens to them in their lives. Peace ---Ellen

You have made the most of your mistakes. That is inspiring. Thank you for

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