Monday, January 31, 2011

How Tatting Saved Me

It probably seems weird to have me continue posting about Christmas, but I didn't have a chance to share everything I wanted to.  Even though I knew my job at Heritage would require me to help with their Christmas play as we got closer to the performances, I had no idea how time consuming it would be.  I spent about three weeks staying into the night to help with final rehearsals and the performances.  There were moments when I though my little business that I had worked so hard to grow for so many months would just fizzle out because I was so busy.

Fortunately, tatting saved me.

custom tatted necklace

Yes, you read that right.  Tatting saved me.  I didn't have access to a computer during rehearsals, so I couldn't keep up on blogging.  When packing my little tote bag for rehearsal one day, I realized that I could still work on my tatting while I watched the kids rehearse.  Unlike some other crafts, tatting is pretty portable.  I brought a little clear plastic makeup bag filled with tatting shuttles, a tiny crochet hook, a tiny pair of scissors, some beads,  and a few small balls of thread.  Bringing my tatting with me helped me complete some custom orders.  One of my favorites was a request for a necklace in purple thread with a turquoise stone accent that was part of a larger order on Etsy.  Bringing my tatting with me did more than just make good use of my time.  Coworkers and others working on the play saw what I was doing and were interested in learning about tatting and wanted more information about my shop.  Tatting is also one of my stress relief tools.  I really enjoy repetitive work like that when my mind needs a break.

tiny thread tatted ornamentAfter the Christmas play was over, I needed to come up with some gifts for close friends and coworkers.  We had a very humble Christmas this year and had to make the most of all our resources.  Once again, tatting saved me.  I have always wanted to do Christmas ball ornaments covered in tatting.  When we were shopping at Ikea, I picked up some tiny ball ornaments and spent some long nights trying to come up with a pattern.  The first one I completed (I should have taken pictures of all the ones I had to cut off the ball) was done with a solid red Guterman sewing thread.
tatted Christmas balls The tiny thread just about drove me out of my mind, so I tried it next with a thicker thread that I had been using to make necklaces.  I came up with a pattern that worked up fairly quickly and I loved the chunkier thread look. The reactions of my coworkers were so rewarding.  One of them started a trend by adding the ornament to her necklace.  I made one for myself and then made some matching earrings with little jingle bells on them. When we get close to Christmas this year, remind me to post the patterns.  Tatting had saved my Christmas with gifts that were personal, but not expensive.  I also know what I can make to add to our shop next Winter...
tatted necklace and earrings set

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