Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Joy of Twitter

The Twitter BookA few months ago, I posed the question - To Tweet or Not to Tweet?  At the time, most of the feedback I got steered me away from Twitter.  So many people thought it was a huge waste of time.  Because I wanted to be familiar with all popular social media platforms, I knew I had to at least give it a try and learn some of the lingo.  Signing up was easy enough, but I was quickly overwhelmed by what to do next.  The first big challenge was to learn to limit myself to 140 characters and spaces for each tweet.  As a Facebooker, I'm used to being able to say a little bit more at a time.  I admit that I have even reached the limits for Facebook a few times.

What really kept me going with Twitter was meeting Nicole (@cuteculturechick). Both of us were heading to Bloggy Boot Camp in St. George and we used Twitter to make plans for carpooling and dinner as well as just keeping each other entertained throughout the day.  Nicole absolutely knows her way around Twitter and loves to help others make their way through the Twitterverse.  Today, she shared her Testimony of Twitter on her blog.  Before you give up on Twitter, read her post!  She meets people, gets invited to events, makes plans, does job searches, buys and sells things, and more. 

I'm still a novice, but I've enjoyed my Twitter experiences.  It's fun to share my blog posts and products as well as other interesting things I find online. When I'm frustrated, I'm amazed at how quickly people will tweet encouragement and support.  There are people I follow, like @imalazymom, who just make me laugh. Following local newspapers, news programs, and the freeway construction project that seems like it will never end has helped me avoid traffic snarls and be aware of the latest news. I hope you'll give Twitter a try.  I'd love to get a tweet from you!

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