Monday, January 17, 2011

Marketing When You Least Expect It

Even though it's good to plan out your marketing strategies, some opportunities happen when you least expect them.  We had some interesting marketing opportunities during the Christmas shopping season. I used to be pretty shy, but the need for some income helped me to be brave and find new ways to promote our little business.

As a member of our chamber of commerce's Women's Business Network, I was asked by one of the other businesses to make nine necklace and earring sets.  They were sponsoring a table at the annual holiday luncheon and needed to provide gifts for each of the women at their table.  I made the jewelry sets at a discounted rate and my hubby was kind enough to design custom ornament shaped gift bags to place them in.  My business card not only went to each of the recipients, but the gifts themselves started some great conversations.

Diet Coke NativityThe other unforeseen opportunity came as a result of my hubby, Cricut Man, deciding to goof around with  some empty Diet Coke cartons.  His addiction to Diet Coke knows no bounds and he managed to cut a nativity scene from the empty cartons.  When we shared the picture on Facebook, we were surprised when some of friends wanted to buy a set.  The surprises didn't end there.  While we were out Christmas shopping, I heard one of the local radio personalities talking about her own addiction to Diet Coke, so I texted her a link to the photo of the Diet Coke nativity scene.  After some texting back and forth, she called me and ordered three nativity scene sets from us for next Christmas.

Opportunities are everywhere, friends!  Make sure you're ready when you see a chance to market your business.
  • ALWAYS have business cards with you. No matter how memorable you think your business name or website address is, most people are going to need that business card to find you online.
  • Keep product photos on hand.  This could be photos kept on your phone or connecting to your Etsy site if you have an Internet capable phone.  Don't have a  cell phone? Carry a small photo album with you in your purse or bag.
  • Let your friends, coworkers, and others you meet know that you have your own business. This is no time to be shy! You want them to think of you when they're looking for gift ideas.
  • Wear/use your own merchandise.  Every time you receive a compliment on it, you'll be able to mention your shop.  People are also more likely to buy things when they've seen them in use.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities.  Some blogs have linky parties that allow you to promote your business.  Look for Facebook pages where you could post a picture (I posted a picture of the nativity scene on the Diet Coke Facebook page).  Twitter is also a great place to connect with people.  Don't be afraid to jump into conversations if you think your shop/product/service could help.

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