Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blogger Appreciation Day

Blogger Appreciation Day is a monthly meme where you list the blogs that gave you the most traffic for the previous month.
Here’s how to join in:
  1. Go into your tracking service (ie. Google Analytics) and set the time period for January 1 to January 31.
  2. Find the sites that have referred readers to you and put them in order from most sends to lowest.
  3. Write a post (like this one) listing your top 10 referrers.
  4. Link that post at 3 Boys and a Dog (linky posted around the 5th of the month).
  5. Grab the Blogger Appreciation Day picture and add it to your site.
So here’s the list of the top blogs that referred me the most traffic for the month of January:
  1. 25 Motif Challenge (The tatting community is awesome!)
  2. Craft-O-Maniac
  3. Suzy's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom
  4. Making the World Cuter
  5. Tools Are For Women Too!
  6. In Which There Is Tatting
  7. Tip Junkie
  8. The Girl Creative
  9. Everything Etsy
  10. Oops! I Craft My Pants
While preparing this list, I was happy to see that I'm getting good support from the tatting community (of course).  I didn't include them on this list, but my posts to Facebook and Twitter are helping.  Some referrals on this list are from comments I make on other people's blogs. The linky parties are also bringing people over.  This is a great exercise to let you know which of your efforts are working so you can focus on them in the future.

Out of curiosity, I decided to see who my top referrers were for my Native & Pilgrim Etsy shop:
  1. Gina Parker PR Online*
  2. Tools Are For Women Too!
  3. Green Eyed Monster
  4. Suzy's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom
  5. Handmadeology 
*Gina Parker PR Online offered a good deal at the end of 2010 to be listed as one of their clients and receive certain promotional benefits.  I paid for this and I thought things were going okay until I started seeing blog posts like these telling how they had been scammed by Gina Parker.  All her pages and information online have disappeared now, leaving everyone high and dry.  I'm glad I got some traffic, but it was only for one month and I didn't have any sales in January.  I'm telling you this so you'll be careful about who you pay for advertising and publicity opportunities.

1 mad comments:

Kelli said...

Thanks so much for playing with me! I love to see where others get their traffic... and I am so sorry about that Gina woman!

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