Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do You Love Your Job?

Photo by Mirielle Sanford
Do you love what you do? Is your work satisfying? Or does your work feel like WORK?
Please don't tell me that you think it doesn't matter.  If you're not enjoying your work, how can you enjoy your life?  Whether it's your day job or a small business on the side, you should be doing something that makes you happy. 

One of my friends has an amazing knack for fixing things.  It's not unusual to see him crawl up into the middle of a machine, start testing connections, and take things apart.  He's the first one everyone in our neighborhood calls for help because he can work through almost any problem.  After checking circuits, parts, and all kinds of stuff, he can usually figure out the cause of the problem and point you toward a solution.  I have two examples where he saved us:

  • Our clothes dryer stopped working and we were having no luck tracking down the problem.  Jeff was able to start getting into access panels and discovered that lint had built up under the dryer drum and had sparked and smoldered, leading to a small fire that had melted the wires. We're lucky our house didn't burn down! Jeff ran home to grab some extra electrical wire, spliced it in to replace the burnt portion, and all was well.
  • The electricity went out in half of our house and resetting the circuit breaker wasn't working. That included the kitchen and the bathroom and our family was coming to visit for the weekend.  A friend who was an electrician tried to help us, but couldn't track down the source of the problem. Jeff tracked the problem down to a malfunctioning freezer that kept tripping the circuit.  He also climbed into our attic and found that electrical surges had caused some wires that were connected in the attic to come apart.  After reestablishing the connections and getting rid of the bad freezer, we were good to go. 
He has even constructed a portable (mostly) yurt that his family has used for camping out and even as an extra bedroom at home.  The local public TV station did a spot showing what an innovator my friend is.

I may not be mechanically inclined (at all!), but there are some things I'm good at.  People are always coming to me for help with social media, computer programs, online research, marketing help, and design projects.  These are the kinds of things I LOVE to do and it makes me even happier when I can help other people.  I know for sure that's how Jeff Sanford feels, too.  He's always happiest when he's tinkering.

What kind of "work" makes you happy?

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