Friday, February 25, 2011

Feature Friday - Jane Eborall

Since I was ill this week and had to catch up on tutoring students, this feature is going to be short and sweet.  Pretty much everyone in the tatting universe knows Jane Eborall.  She lives in England and has been tatting for more than 54 years and designing tatting patterns for at least 25 years.  Even though she plays with other handicrafts, tatting always seems to win out.  Her blog, Tatting and Not a Lot Else, has been her outlet for sharing patterns, telling stories, and showing off her latest creations.  I found this wonderful interview that Noreeen Crone-Findlay did a couple of years ago with Jane.

Jane's shop on Etsy is a delightful collection of colorful tatted creations as well as sewn pouches for carrying tatting supplies.  Periodically, she has some wonderful Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles in her shop, crafted from the most beautiful wood by her sister (Sally) and her husband. Those shuttles sell out almost as soon as they are listed!  I bought one last year, but I haven't used it yet since it seems more like a work of art than a tool.

What I love about Jane:
  • She shares her successes and her mistakes
  • She never stops creating
  • She insists on charging reasonable prices for her tatted creations
  • She often shares the tatting patterns she creates
  • She is always willing to help teach those of us who are struggling with techniques
  • I don't think she's met a creature she couldn't create in tatting

Even if you're not a tatter, you will love looking through Jane's shop and blog.  As Jane says, "TATTING RULES THE WORLD."

2 mad comments:

Jane Eborall said...

YIKES - that was a shock seeing my face peering out at me on somebody else's blog!!! Will I recover?

Karen T said...

Sorry to have startled you, Jane. I just couldn't help telling everyone about your great work (and personality).

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