Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Madness - Getting used to the changes at Etsy

Much like Facebook, Etsy seems to always be changing.  Just when you get used to how things look or how they work, things get remodeled.  I'll admit - I'm a creature of habit and my hand moves the mouse and the cursor/pointer to places on the screen pretty much on auto pilot.  It was a bit startling to go to Etsy's website and find some changes.  Your Etsy is now named Your Account and it's located on the right instead of the left side of the home page.  To look at your Etsy shop, you have to click on a graphic that is supposed to look like a storefront.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not expecting Etsy to stay the same forever.  It's nice to know they continue to grow and change to meet the needs of Etsy sellers and their customers.  My problem with Etsy's changes (and Facebook's) is that they seem to happen too often.  Why can't they iron out the kinks and save up the changes for a renovation only once per year?  Etsy has reshuffled the locations of things on the front page several times in the year I've had an account there.  What else has changed in the last year?

  • Shop pages widened from 3 items across to 4 items across (great change)
  • Team pages became more official and have now replaced the forum pages.  The forums are still there, but only for a couple of the categories it formerly had. (it's probably never good to mess with areas where people gather to socialize...)
  • Circles, some sort of social network, were added (I haven't looked into this one yet)
  • Alchemy was discontinued, although they say it will return after they make some changes (I miss the idea of custom projects through Alchemy, but don't miss how badly it was set up)
  • Shop Announcements, essentially your welcome message, were reduced to showing only three lines and requiring customers to click to get the entire message (not entirely bad, but you have to put a lot of thought into what will show there)
  • Seller profiles started including more information such as favorite shops, favorite items, treasuries, etc. (I think it makes it more interesting, but I'm not sure the customers care about all those extras)
  • Treasuries became searchable by shop name or by tags added by treasury creators (This was much needed)
  • Tags for new product listings clearly allow you to choose categories and subcategories for the listing (these still count toward the limited number of tags you can add)
  • Find Friends feature to import email contacts (I really have enough social networks going on already, thank you)
There were probably more, but those are the ones I noticed.   Maybe the changes only bother me because of my bipolar disorder.  How are you coping with the changes?  Are there changes you want Etsy to make?

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