Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Madness - Updating the Etsy Shop

I'm trying to set up some regular posting categories to keep myself organized.  You've already seen Etsy Wednesday and Feature Friday postings from me over the past couple of weeks.  Welcome to Monday Madness!  I like this one because I can have a flare for madness.  Since Christmas, I've only had one sale in my Etsy shop and I've been feeling the need to do something about it.

The first priority has been making some new items to list in the shop.  I was able to get three new tatted items listed in the shop today.  Two of them are an attempt to blend my husband's Navajo culture with my tatting.  I used a bright turquoise Omega rayon thread and added silver colored seed beads to give it a Southwestern flair.  The bracelet is based on the same pattern I made up for the blue button bracelet I made last week.  Instead of a button closure, I used a turquoise stone.  The turquoise and silver together look really great and it will be hard to let this one leave my hands.

I also made a pendant using the same thread with a five loop beaded flower on the front and a pentagram shape with loops on each point for the back.  The two motifs are connected with silver beads and encase a domed glass decor gem.  The beads on the front are black, silver, and a translucent black, but I didn't add beads to the back motif so it would be able to lay flat.  I used a set of four loops/rings at the top of the design to create a tatted bail to hang from a necklace.

The next priority for our shop is to redo our logo and banner.  This time I am enlisting my husband's help.  I want a design that is simpler than what I have now and will have a cleaner look when done as a small avatar.  He has come up with a few ideas and we will keep working on them. 

Once the shop designs are done, I am considering doing some revisions on this blog.  I would enjoy any suggestions anyone has for that.  I need to have a more logical connection between the shop and the blog.

3 mad comments:

That Crazy Ajumma said...

It's gorgeous!
I love the look of tatting but, I could never sit long enough to eaven try

Marianne said...

Really beautiful. I have always wanted to try tatting, but it is still on my to do list of projects. Sometime in the future though.
Thank you for sharing.

Karen T said...

If you ever decide to give tatting a try, there are lots of great resources online. Good luck!

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