Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Motivated By Mania

I had a bit of a manic Monday this week and I don't think it had anything to do with being Valentine's Day.  It started with a great meeting (surprising, huh?).  I'm on the board of the Women's Business Network of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce and we met to discuss how our last luncheon meeting went and our plans for future events.  There's something very energizing about working with a group of women who share the same vision you do and respect you skills and abilities.  That morning's meeting set the tone for a great and productive day.

After coming home from work, I launched into a project to create a bracelet for a student I tutor.  She saw me tatting once and asked me if tatting could be made into bracelets.  I told her it could and she wanted me to maker her one.  She likes to make woven friendship bracelets and offered to make one to trade for the bracelet I would make for her.  Giving gifts to students is generally discouraged since it can be interpreted as favoritism, but I figured this was okay since we're trading items that showcase our skills.

Because I was in such a positive state of mind, I decided to create a bracelet from scratch.  Using a size 10 blue thread, and some beautiful glass beads I picked up, I whipped up this bracelet in a few hours. I was happy that the glass beads were large enough for this size of thread, but it was a pretty snug fit pulling the picots through the beads using a tiny crochet hook. Next time I need to remember to make longer picots so it will be easier.  My student isn't a frilly kind of girl, so I left the picots on the chains small.  It seemed a shame to add a metal closure to it, so I found a blue button that fit perfectly to fasten the bracelet.

I was so excited about giving it to her today, but she did something to get in trouble and I wasn't able to tutor her today.  That's one of the tough things about working with teens in a treatment center, but the rewards of making a difference in their lives is worth it.  She should be available tomorrow and I'll give her the bracelet then.

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3 mad comments:

Laura Greene said...

How nice of you to create something lovely for one of your students! I'm sure she'll love it!

Unknown said...

Very pretty! The button suits it wonderfully too.

Jami said...

I love the look of that tatting in the bright color! Very pretty!

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