Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - How important is it to match?

As a child, my mom taught me how to match my clothing so I would look good and the other kids wouldn't laugh at me.  I learned stuff like "both your socks should match" and "don't wear prints with other prints."  Somehow, I missed the memo that said those rules don't apply anymore. I didn't mind when people were dabbling in mismatched earrings since it didn't seem so weird.  Where it crosses the line is wearing stripes with dots or mixing colors that weren't supposed to go together. It's not just on the fashion runways...I've seen it in real life.

Little Miss Matched
I received a catalog in the mail from Little Miss Matched, a store that seems to specialize in violating the matching rules.   They have some really fun colored and patterned socks that sell as a set of three socks, none of which match.  They also have unmatched flip-flops, leg warmers, and boots.  I guess this means that your children will be fashion divas when they just thrown on whatever socks they find in the sock basket or can't match their set of shoes.

For the Etsy sellers, maybe this opens up new possibilities for items to make.  Don't have enough yarn to knit both mittens in the same color?  No problem - do them in different colors.  I'm not sure I'll every be "cool" enough to pull off this particular fashion statement, but maybe you are.

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