Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dusting Off the Sewing Machine

I've been so focused on other kinds of arts and crafts that I haven't touched my sewing machine in ages.  When I went to look for it, I discovered that my hubby had stored it in the shed in the backyard.  The nerve!! After lugging it back into the house, I had to wipe the dust off and then start looking for the thread, sewing machine accessories, and so on.  Not having a place to set up the sewing machine permanently is part of why I don't sew very often.  Hauling everything out and setting it up discourages me every time.

There was no way I could let myself get discouraged from this project, however.  My little nephew needed a grass dance outfit for his school's powwow.  In case you're not familiar with Native American culture, a powwow is a gathering of sorts that involves singing, dancing, and socializing.  Contest powwows have Native American dancers competing to win their dance category and sometimes have contests for the drummers/singers as well.  Other powwows are more social in nature and the dancing is more for fun.  PowWows.com has great information about all of this as well as a calendar of upcoming powwows in case you want to attend one.

Both of my sons were grass dancers, so I am very familiar with the dance and the outfits (or regalia) that go with it.  One of the key parts of a grass dance outfit is the fringe....lots and lots and lots of fringe.  On the very first outfit I made, I had no help or guidance and tried holding cut fringes of yarn against the fabric as I fed it into the machine.  Not only did it clump in spots, but the yarn fell off bit by bit as my son danced....so embarrassing!  Fortunately, a dear friend helped me through the process the next time and we were able to create dance outfits my sons could be proud to wear.

Cape - worn over shirt
For my nephew, there wasn't a need for as elaborate of an outfit since he won't wear it as often.  My boys used to compete in probably a dozen powwows each year.  The tough part about making anything for a small child is that they tend to outgrow it quickly.  Hopefully, this kid will still be able to fit his outfit next year as well. 
Apron - worn at waist

My dear, wonderful, heroic husband cut and tied all the fringe for me (I love you, honey!). Tying each bit of fringe to a long string makes everything stay put when you go to sew it.  Then I sandwiched the fringe between the front and back of the cape and apron to sew it.  It's not terribly fancy, but I like it. I hope my nephew does, too. He loves turtles....in case you couldn't tell from the pattern on the fabric.

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Unknown said...

Very cool. How awesome of hubby to tie all that fringe. Thanks for linking with air your laundry Friday!


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