Friday, March 25, 2011

Feature Friday - Heather Thorkelson

Don't you just love checking out new Etsy shops?  Heather Thorkelson opened her shop, heatherlyone, only a little over two months ago. Something unique about Heather is that she tries to make jewelry and other items out of environmentally friendly and natural materials that are sustainably produced.  She also tries to support social justice and women's empowerment whenever possible.  She says, "I want my work to reflect my love for a healthy planet, where we respect, reuse and recycle as much as possible."

Even though her shop's been open a short time, she's already had 14 sales, most of them in the past month. Her buttons made from avocado pits seem to be the most popular and I can see why - they are unique and beautiful!

Things I noticed about Heather's shop:
  • Make sure you use all four feature spots at the top of your shop.  Under "Your Account," where all your items are listed, you can click on the stars next to items to indicate which items to feature.  If you select more than four, the first four of them will be featured and if one of them sells, the next starred item will be featured in its place.
  • Most of your product photos are great.  This one of the green leafy earrings is a good example of how to do things in a photo.  No clutter, the earrings are the focal point, and the parts out of focus make it stand out even better.  
  • I've enjoyed your product descriptions.  You're giving measurements and information on the materials used.  What I really liked was the little emotional hooks you've added to the descriptions, making it a more personal conversation with your potential buyers.
  • Your product categories could be revised a little.  I struggle with this one, too.  Most of us tend  to add new categories as we create new items and forget to make sure all the categories go together.  Try to either choose categories by materials used (wood, feathers, seeds, etc.) or by the type of item (earrings, necklaces, apparel, etc.).
Heather's shop seems more like an art gallery than a store.  I like her commitment to the planet.  Are any of you doing something similar?  Upcycled/recycled?  Sustainable materials?  Supporting a particular group or purpose?

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