Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm a little off track right now...

I apologize to regular readers for being a little hit or miss with the blog lately.  Part of the "fun" of juggling a full time day job with other activities and a small business on the side is that there are days where you just can't get everything done that you had planned.
  • Full time job stuff - I'm trying to keep on top of regular office work as well as round up golfers for a charity golf tournament and find some sponsors and donations for the auction.  Add to that our student musical production (way beyond anything you've seen before) where I am coordinating the rehearsal schedule, designing the poster and playbill, and dealing with crises as they arise.

  • Women's Business Network - I'm on the Board and in charge of communication and participation for this growing organization and we are planning a fantastic event for later this year.

  • Tutoring - I am tutoring two different students for a total of five hours each week.  This is very fulfilling, but fitting this in with my schedule and the students' schedules is a huge challenge.

  • Native and Pilgrim - Yes, I still work on our little business.  Promoting our shop on some blog linky lists gets us a few more shop visitors.  We are continuing to develop our "brand" and have some opportunities coming up this weekend to stock up on supplies, learn techniques, and connect with our Native American community.  We are beginning to wish we had gone with the Silhouette cutter rather than the Cricut, but we don't have the resources to make that kind of investment right now.

Beagles cut from Diet Coke cartons
  • Family - Hard to believe, but my family is still there for me.  I've been teaching my hubby to use Google Reader to keep up with some interesting blogs.  My sons are nice enough to smile politely when I show off the latest thing I'm working on or tell them some exciting idea.  Our beagles are the happiest to see me when I get home.  It might be because I'm the one who feeds them, but I choose to believe they love me more than life itself.
Thanks for letting me check in with you.  I've enjoyed everyone's comments on the Diet Coke cake, tatting, Etsy, and everything else. What are all of you working on right now?

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