Sunday, March 6, 2011

Making a Modern Wedding Invitation

I was hired to design my first modern wedding invitation and it was a very interesting experience.  When I got married over 20 years ago, there weren't a lot of options for invitations. We ordered ours from a catalog and had to wait several weeks for them to be delivered. You could choose a color that fit your color scheme and there were a few options for some faded graphics along the edge or in the background.  I don't remember much choice for fonts either.  The invitations were also pretty expensive.

When I was hired to do this modern wedding invitation, I took a look around the Internet and was amazed at all the variety out there for invitations.  It seems like a lot of young couples are straying from the traditional types of invitations and showing off their personalities more.  The couple I was working with liked some different designs that had love birds in a tree. The bride's mother worked with me on wording.  Do you realize how much you learn from how the wedding invitation is worded? How the bride and groom's parents are listed on the invitation tells you who is hosting the event (paying the bill).
I had to make sure that the wedding invitation and the enclosure for the family luncheon were worded correctly so no misunderstandings would occur. When they asked to have the location of their bridal registry added to the invitation, I did a little research online. Modern times have changed some parts of the process, but listing where you're registered on the invitation is still taboo.  The preference is to communicate the information separately or add an enclosure with the invitation.  Many of the nicer stores will provide these enclosures for free.

How did I put this invitation together?
  • Gather the information from  the bride, groom, and family - names, dates, places, colors, themes, etc.
  • Edit the engagement photo - I like to eliminate skin blemishes, add some bling to the diamond ring, get rid of any background distractions, and fix any wardrobe problems (hanging threads, wrinkles, stains, undergarments showing, etc.)
  • Create the graphic elements for the couple's theme (always do this in layers so it's easier to make changes)
  • Put the photo and graphic elements together and add the wording.  The font for the text should go with the theme and look elegant enough for a wedding, but still readable.
  • Get approval from the bride and groom
  • Send to be printed - I like printing invitations as photos. The colors turn out great and the prices are reasonable.
This was a really fun project and my reason for posting on the blog less last week. I'm going to be adding a tab to the blog soon for these services.  I already have a listing for invitations in my Etsy shop, but I want to promote it here as well.  Bring on the weddings (and graduations and anniversaries and birthdays.....)!!

2 mad comments:

Christine Norris said...

My step daughter is getting married in May. She is listing her parents as Jeffrey and Rebecca, I can not tell you how much this bugs me. Wish she would pay attn like you have.

Maggie said...

Love this! Also love the idea of printing it as a photo. great idea :)

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