Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Madness - Are you thinking of leaving Etsy and trying to sell on your own?

Do you ever find yourself tempted to let go of your shop on Etsy and just sell your products on your own website?  This thought pops up here and there as people wonder if Etsy is worth the fees they're paying.  It's always tempting to cut out anything that skims money from your profits, but would you have as many sales without Etsy's advantages.

I came across a blog post about a month ago that addressed this topic very well.  Everything Etsy points out that the Etsy brand is a powerful thing. People arrive at ready to shop and they trust Etsy in a way that they probably wouldn't trust you selling on your own.

What do you think? Make a go of it on your own or stick with Etsy?

2 mad comments:

The Cronins said...

I think I would stay with Etsy. I agree, going to Etsy people are ready to shop and they trust the site. I always come upon people's individual sites and I have those same thoughts, "do I trust this" and it doesn't seem to be as appealing as shopping on the "trendy" etsy site. I'd stick with Etsy and go with the fees. I think their publicity and reputation makes up for the small bills I have to pay each month.

Kharlie Bug said...

I'm torn on this topic. While Etsy has a ton of traffic it also has a ton of stores. The trust is there however as a seller you seem to get lost in shuffle. No matter how good you SEO is and no matter how often you list, etc, it's hard to get sales. I've been contemplating switching over to big cartel and and a small free test store over there and while I'm not getting the hits I do at etsy, I like that there are far less stores. Now etsy fees to me are the most reasonable unless you are doing MASS sales (which I am not but maybe some day ;)) and that's truly why I haven't left yet. I don't think I would sell on my own site, I'd alway stick with a site like Etsy. For now Etsy is my home but that could change.

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