Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Madness - I'm NOT a Scrapbooker

I blame my husband for ending up at the Scrapbook Expo over the weekend.  That's definitely an odd thing to say since most husbands probably aren't thrilled about their wives going.  The reason he wanted to go is that he went to the last one and liked seeing the demos and supplies there.  His descriptions didn't quite prepare me for the site I was about to behold.

We go to lots of expos during the year and most are set up pretty much the same way.  The Scrapbook Expo is completely different.  Vendors' booths are set up around the perimeter of the space and the center is filled with row upon row of tables set up for people to "work" while at the expo.  The tables are available to those who pay a premium price and are soon filled with every scrapbooking supply imaginable.  There were a few thousand women there and only about five men (other than those working the booths).  Those poor guys were pretty much attached to their wives and mostly there to hold bags and purses.

The best part for me was checking out all the different products.  It's worth saving up your money for this event to take advantage of the amazing deals on supplies.  We're always on the lookout for good deals on paper and tools that will help with using the Cricut.  I was hoping to see demos of other cutting machines, but Cricut was the only one there.  I'm guessing it was because Provo Craft was a major sponsor. The interest in the Cricut seemed to have suffered from the latest legal developments.

Despite using the same materials, I have to admit I don't have much in common with scrapbookers.  I don't have the patience or the money to get that fancy with my photos and keepsakes.  The trend toward digital scrapbooking is probably more my style - do the fancy schmancy stuff on the computer and then print it out and put it in a book.  All that other madness is just lost on me.  The coolest display we saw there was some gorgeous gowns made of paper.  The pictures don't quite do them justice.

P.S.  Please don't take offense at my view of scrapbooking.  It's just not my thing.

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Anonymous said...

Are you serious?! Those gorgeous gowns are made of paper? That is incredible!!! I just can't get over that! :)

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