Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tatting Tuesday - Show off your tatting - Linky Party

I've had so many great comments from readers and from friends about tatting. There are a lot of curious people out there and I know they'd like to see more tatting.  Those who don't tat probably don't realize how large the online community of tatters truly is.  For today's Tatting Tuesday, I want to fill the page with tatting....with the help of my tatting friends, of course.

As long as I'm paying for Linky Tools, I might as well use it as much as I can.  Fellow tatters, link up your tatting here. I'm not going to set any rules.  You can link to the tatting in your shop or on your blog.  Link as many different items as you want.

Let's show everyone that tatting is not a dying art!

1 mad comments:

Wendys Hat said...

Great talents! Great post too! Thanks for sharing!

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