Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - What will happen to your shop if you become incapacitated?

No matter how invincible you think you are, disaster is inevitably around the corner. My own personal example is when I totaled my truck in an accident and ended up with a broken foot.  I did a good enough job on breaking it that the doctor installed several pieces of metal jewelry to put the bones back together (2 pins, 2 plates with screws).  That experience had me out of commission for a good chunk of time.  It took a few weeks before I could even sit at a computer and a couple of months before I could walk.

What happens to your Etsy shop, blog, email, etc. while you are out? You would not believe how many phone calls I got from the office from coworkers and bosses trying to find paperwork, computer files, etc.  Imagine if I had died....  I know we all try to be careful about our passwords and stuff, but you really need to have a plan "just in case."  Otherwise, you're left wearing this shirt and hoping for the best...

Over the last couple of months, I've stumbled across some good posts about this very thing.  Darren Rowse of explained, "As a solo entrepreneur, I realized that much of what was needed to run this business was locked up in my head—a dangerous thing if something happened to that head!" His advice about creating a "Blogging Will" applies to your business as well.

Another interesting post came from Sara Early and was posted on Handmadeology: Do You Have an Etsy Contingency Plan? 
This reminded me of a forum thread I read not too long ago about a seller who had been seriously injured in a car accident and was hospitalized for months. Her husband of course did not even think about her shop, but all the while people were making purchases and leaving bad feedback because there was no response.
 Sara gives some guidelines that every Etsy shop owner should follow.  I used to think my husband was just suffering from memory problems because he jotted all his login information down in a little notebook.  Turns out that he had the right idea all along.  I've started keeping track of this information and I realize that I need to put together a file with all the information someone would need to handle things in my absence.

If your absence is only temporary, you'll want your business to be okay when you return. Customers aren't going to know what's going on and will get angry when the items they purchase don't get shipped.  The bad feedback and possible repercussions on Etsy and Paypal will be hard to undo.  Don't let yourself be caught unprepared!

3 mad comments:

Wendys Hat said...

Great ideas! Thanks

Anonymous said...

When my lungs collapsed I had an ebay business that totally plunged into the deoths of the unknown because no one was there to take over, so i totally get this! Great post!

Kharlie Bug said...

Wow I this post is great. I was just thinking about this the other day. But as quick as the thought came, it left just as fast. I guess I need to put together a plan because you always need a plan! Hey, it's another reason for me to make a pretty little notebook!

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