Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - What's Really Valuable to You?

Japan's massive earthquake, tsunami, constant aftershocks, and nuclear plant problems have been dominating the news over the last week. I have a friend from college who lives in Ibaraki prefecture in Japan and reading his detailed description of the events made me very emotional.  There are so many people in the most damaged areas who have literally lost everything they own other than the clothes on their backs.  After seeing a photo of a woman collapsed on the ground and sobbing at the sight of her home that was crushed to bits and pieces, I started thinking about what it might be like to go through that kind of loss.

The people in the Sendai area couldn't possibly prepare for the kind of devastation that hit them.  It's good to prepare, but there will always be things you can't prepare for.  For most of the people there, all they really care about is the safety and well-being of their friends and family members.  There have been some amazing miracles where rescuers found a man floating on his roof 10 miles out at sea two days after the big quake and tsunami and the baby found alive in the rubble after three days. 

Even the area where I grew up on the southern Oregon coast had damage from the Tsunami.  Boat harbors were ripped apart and pieces of the dock as well as the boats moored to them floated out to sea.  I saw video of boats being slammed against the rocks. Although not as tragic as the damage and loss of life in Japan, it's still shocking to see disaster hit a place you're familiar with.

With all the ups and downs in my own life, I can honestly say that as long as I have my family and friends, I can survive.  Things are just things and I could learn to live without them.  If you've been on Etsy recently, you've probably noticed that a lot of sellers are doing what they can to help Japan's recovery efforts.  Some are donating a portion of their sales and others are donating items to be sold completely for charity. It's nice to see that we're all trying to help each other.

Today is also St. Patrick's Day.  I'm not really big on wearing green, but I managed to make the best of a tatting "mistake" I made.  While I was doing all those tatted glass gem pendants, I tried something new and used beads on the connections around the outside edge.  The result was a motif that was too small to squeeze the glass gem into.  It actually looks really nice on its own and I'm wearing it today as my official green.

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Wendys Hat said...

I have been heartbroken by the situation in Japan. So tragic. A lot to think about. I love your shamrock!

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