Friday, May 6, 2011

Feature Friday - Amore Valkyrie

Amore Valkyrie is an example of what I like about Etsy.  Shops like this are so fun to look through and could easily get lost in a real world setting.  It reminds me of those fantastic little shops that nobody knows about and are tucked away in the inner city.  Run with passion for the unique and eclectic, it would be hard to stay in business without the kind of exposure you can get by selling online in a popular marketplace like Etsy.

The designer behind all these creations explains "Amore Valkyrie grew out of my hunger to experiment with beautiful things, and to infuse jewelry with a subtle "Old World" look - now I'm passionate about finding the most beautiful semiprecious gemstones, and integrating these jewels with gold vermeil, sterling silver and other precious metals."

The shop has been open just one year, but has 168 sales.  There have been some times of drought (I am way too familiar with those!), but it looks like things are picking up and going strong.

Don't you just love this bracelet?  I have always loved the "slave" type bracelets and the combination of rings and bracelets enveloping the hand.  As Amore Valkyrie describes it, "Hand bracelet, panja, chain web bracelet, ring bracelet hybrid, slave bracelet, slave chain, ring hand bracelet, ring to hand bracelet, slave chain bracelet, hand chain ring -- call it whatever you like, there is no one name for it."  She took a popular concept and made it her own.

Another great piece at Amore Valkyrie is this chunky Amethyst necklace.  As a larger, more voluptuous woman, I like bigger necklaces and try to avoid the dainty ones.  Nothing dainty here!  It also brings back memories of my grandpa.  He was quite a rock hound and had a beautiful collection of gems, including amethyst.

I haven't tried these kinds of bracelets, but the shop owner says she is currently expanding the variety of the beaded leather wrap bracelets she is offering. There is definitely a style to match every taste.  

Take a look around Amore Valkyrie and see for yourself.  The photos are beautiful and enhance the jewelry.  I applaud her for creating a shop that reflects her own tastes and puts a new and unique twist on things.  It's a great reminder to be yourself and do what you love.

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Amore Valkyrie said...

Thanks so much for browsing through Amore Valkyrie and for your extremely kind words. Happy to meet an Etsyian as talented and thoughtful as you!

Amore Valkyrie has linked back to your feature here:

Fine Jewelry by Amore Valkyrie

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